News Headlines
Mon. Jul 26th 2021
Congratulations to Snyder Firefighter Josh Sabitino, MSN, AGNP-C who recently passed his Board Certifications and is now a certified member of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners as an Adu...
Sat. Jul 24th 2021
Congratulations to Firefighter Nick Cacciotti on graduating NYS Firefighter 1 Boot Camp! Nick worked hard to learn and demonstrate the vital skills needed to be a firefighter! This is a major mileston...
Mon. May 24th 2021
Specifications for the supply and installation of camera systems in multiple Fire District vehicles.Click here for Specifications
Thu. May 20th 2021
This week is #NationalEMSWeek, a week where we recognize and appreciate the valuable contributions to our communities Emergency Medical Services professionals provide. The Snyder Fire Department has o...
Fri. May 14th 2021
Recently the Snyder Fire Department onboarded 3 new Firefighters! Wednesday night, May 12, Members trained on Live-Fire evolutions at the Amherst Fire Tower. Assistant Chief Hudson spent time working ...
Chiefs' Cars
2018 Chevrolet Tahoe
Three identical vehicles assigned to the Chief, 1st Assistant Chief and 2nd Assistant Chief. Because these vehicles are often first on location, they carry a full compliment of emergency medical equipment including cardiac defibrillators. They also carry a variety of firefighting and rescue tools.
Engine 1
2014 E-One
Primary attack pumper. 1500 Gallon Per Minute (GPM) pump with a 500-gallon tank. Carries 1400 feet of 4 inch supply hose, 1200 feet of 2-1/2" inch (200 feet pre-connected), and 1150 feet of 1-3/4" hose. The rig seats eight firefighters and carries a wide range of firefighting gear and equipment including a thermal imaging camera.
Engine 2
2014 E-One
Second out pumper whose primary duty is to supply water to Engine 1. Also responds to all minor, miscellaneous fires (grass, rubbish, dumpster, etc) as well as the mutual aid pumper to neighboring fire districts. Set up and specifications are identical to Engine 1 (as well as Engine 3).
Engine 3
2014 E-One
Last out vehicle whose primary duty is to supply water to Truck 6. Set up and specifications are identical to Engine 1 and Engine 2. Additionally, Engine 3 has been equipped with portable Amkus Vehicle Extrication equipment.
Rescue 5
2001 Sutphen/SuperVac
Heavy rescue vehicle carrying a full complement of rescue and extrication equipment, including technical rescue and high angle rescue gear. The rig features an Onan 35,000 watt PTO generator and it also has an Amkus Ultimate System installed allowing for the use of up to six Amkus hydraulic tools simultaneously. Because the department serves both the New York State Thruway and another Interstate Highway (I-290) and regularly responds to serious traffic accidents, they have set the rig up for instant deployment (two cutters and two spreaders) and can quickly connect other tools to the other two reels. Also carries a full complement of emergency medical equipment including mass casualty kits and a cardiac defibrillator.
Rescue 7
2008 Chevrolet Suburban
Primary EMS response vehicle carrying a wide variety of emergency medical equipment including a cardiac defibrillator.
Rescue 7-1
2008 Chevrolet 3500 with utility body
Serves as back up EMS response vehicle and functions in numerous department support roles. With the open bed in the back, it is able to retrieve equipment after drills and incidents as well as transport extra equipment to emergency scenes and training exercises. Also carries a cardiac defibrillator.
Truck 6
2009 Sutphen
100' aerial tower with 1500 GPM pump. Truck 6 responds to alarms within the Snyder Fire District and Mutual Aid districts, additionally, the Truck has been equipped with FAST (Firefighter Assist and Search Team) equipment.

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