Tuesday, September 28th, 2021
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The Snyder Fire Department is proud to announce the 2021 Fire Prevention Open House. Fire prevention is an important topic for all age groups, and fire safety is no accident. Join us for the 2021 Snyd...
Congratulations to Snyder Firefighter Josh Sabitino, MSN, AGNP-C who recently passed his Board Certifications and is now a certified member of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners as an Adu...
Congratulations to Firefighter Nick Cacciotti on graduating NYS Firefighter 1 Boot Camp! Nick worked hard to learn and demonstrate the vital skills needed to be a firefighter! This is a major mileston...
Company Officers

Company Officers:

President - Christopher Sciolino 

Vice President - Chris Utz

Appointed Executive Positions

Treasurer - Peter Hapeman

Corporate Secretary - Patricia Hudson

Line Secretary - Eugene Kremzier

Board of Directors:

Robert Abrams (3 Year Term)

Thomas Tiberi (3 Year Term)

Michael Cessario (2 Year Term)

Mark Niedzielski (2 Year Term)

James Sullivan (1 Year Term)

Examining Board:

John Fildes

David Halm


Email Contact 

President: president@snyderfd.com


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