Tuesday, September 28th, 2021
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The Snyder Fire Department is proud to announce the 2021 Fire Prevention Open House. Fire prevention is an important topic for all age groups, and fire safety is no accident. Join us for the 2021 Snyd...
Congratulations to Snyder Firefighter Josh Sabitino, MSN, AGNP-C who recently passed his Board Certifications and is now a certified member of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners as an Adu...
Congratulations to Firefighter Nick Cacciotti on graduating NYS Firefighter 1 Boot Camp! Nick worked hard to learn and demonstrate the vital skills needed to be a firefighter! This is a major mileston...
Firehouse Tour

Welcome to the Snyder Fire Department

The firehouse is located at 4531 Main Street at Lincoln Road in the Town of Amherst, NY.  The seven bays house the apparatus.  From the right, Light Rescue Trucks, Truck 6, Heavy Rescue 5, Engine 1, Engine 2, Engine 3 with a wash bay at the extreme left.



Front Vestibule Dedication plaqueThe front vestibule leads into the truck room and features a donated hand-pulled antique hose cart. The building dedication plaque can be found proudly displayed here.    



  West-side of building as viewed from Lincoln Road.




Firehall rear lotRear of building viewed from the parking lot and main rear entrance.




Inside the main rear entrance are two bronze plaques dedicated to Rudolph Lutz and John Bresnahan.  Snyder Firefighters lost in the line of duty.






Rear entrance hallway

Display case 1

Display case 3

The rear entrance from the parking lot leads to the truck room.  The hallway is lined with display cased with exhibits including retired firefighting equipment, historical artifacts, and awards.



West hallway

West hallway provides access from the parking lot to the truck room. The walls are lined with pictures of major incidents.




Connection hallway 1

Connection hallway 2Connection hallway between the main and west hallways.  Walls are lined with pictures of past apparatus and group pictures of past members.



Truck bay west viewTruck bay east viewTruck room apparatus line upInside view of truck bays that feature high ceilings.




Equipment roomEMS roomFirematic equipment room and EMS equipment room. 




SCBA roomSCBA room and EMS clean room.  SCBA room provides an area for servicing the air packs and well as extinguishers.  The EMS cleanroom provides a dedicated area to clean EMS equipment and dispose of biohazard waste.



Watch RoomThe watch room is located in the truck bay and provides a space for completing incident paperwork.  A base station radio allows communication with the Dispatch Center as well as all the apparatus.



Conference room Conference room.  Used for various meetings and small training classes.  The wall is lined with the pictures and dedication plaques from each and every apparatus that has been utilized by the Snyder Fire Department.  A computerized large screen monitor allows for interactive presentations.



Fire District OfficeFire District Office provides a workspace for each of the five Fire Commissioners as well as the Fire District Treasurer and Secretary.




Fire Chief's Office




Assistant Chiefs' Office 1Assistant Chiefs' Office 2Assistant Chiefs' Office 3Assistant Chiefs' Office. Provides a workspace for the 1st Assistant Chief and 2nd Assistant Chief




Firematic Officers 1Firematic Officers 2Firematic Officers 3Firematic Officers' Office.  Provides a workspace for the Captains, Lieutenants, and the Safety Officers.



LibraryLibrary.  Located adjacent to the Firematic Officers' Office it contains reference materials the Officers utilize in the preparation of drills and training courses.



Executive OfficeExecutive Office provides a workspace for the Fire Department President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and the five Directors.




Training room with audiovisual equipment.  This room provides for a classroom setting as well as an area where practical skills can be practiced.



Club roomThe clubroom provides a comfortable area for members to socialize.  The stone signage from the front of the original Firehall was incorporated into the back wall of the club room.



Television room 1Television room.  Comfortable seating with cases to display awards and historical albums.




Billiard's room features the pool table from the original firehouse.




KitchenThe kitchen is equipped with all commercial appliances.




Exercise 1Exercise room 2Fitness Center.   Fitness Center is available to all firefighters.

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